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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lunar New Year : Year of Water Snake

Every Chinese New Year is the most happening way to start of the year for Chinese. Fortunately I manage to recover from a bad high fever just 2 weeks before CNY, horrible way to start of my first month of the year. My 2013 resolution was to be slimmer, better be careful for what you wish for! 

Let start of with shopping

3 piece of tops
5 pairs of pants/shorts
1 piece of skirt
2 piece of dress
lingeries from Aimer feel and Victoria Secrets

last and most importantly
(Chinese Traditional Dress)

 Arrive my parent's hometown on the CNY eve
and the epic moment starts,
my dad pulls out and set up his laptop and showing all the old pictures of the elders when they were younger/child

Pretty fun to listen how they giggle they way the whole night sliding all the pictures one by one.
surprisingly my dad is good at fixing old pictures that are faded/torn....
memories restored!

Stayed at simple and clean hotel, Eastin Hotel.
same as the year before when we came for CNY in Penang too.

So the first thing that happens on the 1st day of CNY

Yes! Its my dad
doing my hair. Guess I'm still the daddy's lil girl ^^

He does better than I do myself  >.< *ashamed* tsk tsk

manicure and pedicure for this year's CNY

Next, you get the "fattest" ang pow
so I got from my dad XD

Visit my grandparents place at Air Hitam, Penang
I was sleepy and my cousins were bored so we decided to grab a Coffee at  Starbucks nearby

meet the elder cousin sis, Jayda Lim
yeap she is single now, anyone wants her contact? XP

Cousin bro, Will Cheah, still as polite and gentleman, keep up!

And I get to experience her new baby, Mini Cooper!
Now, only I knew how cute the design is XD
its so cute! everything just look so..... bubble theme 

2nd Day of CNY

how do I look?

at night, went to Kek Lok Si Temple

On The 3rd Day (food hunting and shopping!)

Breakfast at Coffee Bean, Queensbay.
Yea, its pretty weird to have cafe food when we are at food heaven, 
and the first time my dad actually bring us to Coffee Bean for breakfast
but, anyway because he has to meet one of our uncle for some business matter, 
anyway thanks for the treat dad! XD

most famous TeoChew Chendul in Town!

Famous Char Kuey Teow at Lorong Selamat

I don't think I ever wanna come back for their Char Kuey Teow here anymore, 
the cook and the waiteress is so unwelcoming and rude to all customer
yet, there is two cook instead of one main cook.
AND, the price raise up to RM8.50 now

Finally visited MOIS
by RaraBlack

Finally visited the Street Art by the Ancient Road at Penang Road?
Lithuanian Artist - Ernest Zacharevic
Sadly there was too many people, so I can only visit the place another time 

Last Day in Penang
 We all decided to stay back at the last hour for reunion dinner before heading back to KL

My family

The cousins that I use to play with when we were kids!

and the far right is my uncle actually, not a kid LOL

we ended the night with a Karaoke session with big family, 
another epic moment!

Thats the end of the trip in Penang ^^

Hamper from BF for my family <3 p="">

PS: CNY Skin Care Shopping!

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